Conjuring the Axe and Tabularasa bearer: Questions for Identity and Belonging – a story and council

At the 8th annual Global Gathering of Wilderness Guides in Miramonte, California, during the eighth through the fifteenth days of the sixth moon (the week of May 31-June 6), tamarix will be sharing two stories with his fellow guides.

brief description:

There is a great turning happening now, in the story of humans and the story of this planet. Many myths would have our allegiance. What happens next matters greatly.

We have been claimed by this great work of gathering in circles with humans who have accessed the deep mythic structure of their soul, sat in the dirt in front of us with sand in their hair and trust in their eyes, and are asking the world in the most beautiful way they know how, “Who am I? What is my story? How am I to live in the world?” 

I believe we are uniquely situated to seriously address this most important question that any being, human or not, will ever ask. Being a guide, that is, being at least partially responsible for the tending and midwifing of this question, is something to take very very seriously. This is sacred work. 

Therefore, it seems enormously important to always be listening to and trying to understand the myths that might be waiting to answer this question. Let us sit down, pose some big questions to two of these myths: Identity and Belonging, listen to their answers, and hold council around what we might discover.


audio recording of story can be found here:

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