Dark Nature: Matrix of Initiatory Growth – Apr. 11-16, 2021

Tamarix and Meredith Little will be guiding the Dark Nature program with the Practice of Living and Dying on Apr. 11-16, 2021 in Eureka Valley, CA. 

Of all the shields of human nature, the dark or fall shield can be at once the most compelling and the most frightening.  It calls on us continually to risk everything, to let go of what has come before, to step over the edge, to go where life is lived inwardly in the mansions of feeling, dream, and memory.  The dark shield is the threshold of initiation, where what is unimportant falls away, where we change or we become victims of our ways.  The time we spend in the dark shield determines our behavior, our character, our destiny, and is largely responsible for our ability to love and those we choose to love.


Throughout life we are being initiated by our natural life cycles, as well as those times of crisis, loss and trauma.  These times set us on the path once again of the “hero’s journey” toward further growth and maturation … unless we become caught in the Underworld.  The tools of our west shield are essential for successfully navigating these times.  During this week we will experientially move around the 4 directions of our west shield, exploring those aspects of our nature necessary to move successfully through these life changes, bringing balance and health back into our own lives, as well as our families and the communities we live in.


This will be a six-day seminar, beginning mid-day of the first day and ending mid-day of the 6th day.  We will sit in council each morning; every afternoon you will go alone without food or shelter into the surrounding land to experience this aspect of our nature as body, psyche, mind, and spirit; and in the late afternoons and evenings, we will listen to and learn from the stories brought back.  

more information here: https://www.schooloflostborders.org/content/dark-nature

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