The Oak and Bone School: Village Fast – Nov. 7-17, 2020

The Oak and Bone School – Village Fast

November 7-17, 2020 

tamarix and Sidney Garrido

The Village Fast is a fasting ceremony in the tradition of the School of Lost Borders, in an expanded container. The Village Fast is open to any human called to the ceremony in an intergenerational, community-supported container. Families, children, and elders are welcome and will be present throughout our time together, as well as members of the Oak and Bone School community.

The first four days of the gathering will consist of community games, activities, and meals, as well as deepening into the practice of ceremony and the craft of creating an intention. The fasting ceremony will take place over three days, as children, elders, guides, and other village members hold the intention of the ceremony in the center. During the final four days, we will welcome the returning ones from their time on the mountain, witness and celebrate the stories that are emerging into the world, and work with the deep magic of integration – embodying the most courageous parts of ourselves who are struggling to emerge into this terrifying world.

The fast will take place on Boulder Mountain, exact location to be announced.

Participation is open to any human courageous enough to confront their inherited cultural poverty and take accountability for their story through the mediums of ceremony and community. No prior experience with ceremony or fasting is necessary. Families, elders, and children are welcome, and a container is present for children and others to remain in basecamp during the fasting portion. 

While there will be two primary guides, tamarix and sidney, there will also be many others playing a supporting role who will be present at various parts of the ceremony.

Participation is limited to ten humans. To register, please click these links: 

  or contact tamarix –

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