hamadryad press

As bees are the reproductive organs of flowering plants, might humans be the song and story organs of the world, carrying the pollen grains of story around as we fall hopelessly in love with the nectar of life, moving from flower to flower? We might.


from the first tree, gift of language

from oak, gift of naming

from oak-gall, gift of ink

from birch, gift of book

from flesh of trees, gift of paper


Hamadryad press has conjured up the first stories, the oak-stories and cedar-stories, the old-woman weaving stories, the dreaming-mountain stories, has translated and inscribed them with the help and the gifts of the trees, and is giving them back to the people.

Small Black Tent: a hymnal

This collection of poetry and prose is an initiation into the dark waters of Grief. Gathered over a period of six months, these selections tell a story of descent, immense suffering, death, and ultimately acceptance of the way of Grief, the way of loss, the way of transformation, the way of the dark earth.

Lettered, illustrated, cut, and bound by hand, this is raw poetry at its most intimate and sincere.

Suggested donation – $25


There are many ways to understand value outside of the reign of the Commodity, and we invite you to explore them. As humans living within the world that the Commodity has dreamed, however, we have learned the prudence of speaking his language and so are willing to receive reciprocation in the form of money as well.

If you would like a book, please simply let me know what you are interested in via email (thetamarixproject@gmail.com), mail (Tamarix, PO Box 1450, Boulder UT 84716)  or contact us, and let me know what sort of reciprocation you would like to offer. I will respond as soon as I can (which may take a week or more).