live story

The throat of tamarix has been claimed by the Mountain and the Goddess, the Cedars and the Oaks, the Old-Woman Weaving and the Sleeping Giant,  to carry their stories into the world. Using the mediums of story, evocation, sacred theater, and the practice of council, tamarix is inviting and initiating the wandering children of the Wind, the placeless ones, the dismembered exiles of modernity into an animate world and onto the road of returning, remembering, and belonging.

recordings of stories can be found here:

To Break the Jaw of the Night Mare: an exorcism – Boulder Mountain (June 12)

Conjuring the Axe and Tabularasa-bearer: Questions for Identity and Belonging – a story and council – Miramonte, CA (May 31-June 6)

The Periplanisi and Topothesia Cycle – Boulder, UT – (March 27 and 28)